Gulshan-e-Malir Karachi

22 Jun 2020


Gulshan-e-Malir is a purely residential community located in Shah Faisal Town, Karachi. It is a small area which is located along Jamia Millia Road that connects Gulshan-e-Malir with Shah Faisal Avenue and Shahra-e-Faisal. Gulshan-e-Malir is developed and a large number of people live here. It is also very close to the outskirts of the city with proximity to the Malir River.  There are several urbanized areas such as Sharafi Goth, located on the other side of the Malir River.

The fact that makes Gulshan-e-Malir highly appreciated by its residents is the fact that this area is fully equipped with educational institutes, shopping malls, and other entertainment places. Most of the residents of Gulshan-e-Malir belong to the middle class with fewer income resources. A lot of the residents are the government employees as the area was planned as the solution of their residential solution. A large number of people who are working in different factories of Korangi have moved to Gulshan-e-Malir due to the easy accessibility of Korangi from here. The residents of Gulshan-e-Malir appreciate and avail of an affordable and convenient lifestyle with all the basic facilities.

When we talk about the neighboring societies of Gulshan-e-Malir we see many well-maintained and developed housing societies nearby including Shamshad housing society, Jamia Millia, Shadbagh, Millat Town, Dehli Saudagaran, Bagh-e-Rafi, Alfalah Society, Khizar Abad, and Shamsi Society.

A Quick Look in Gulshan-e-Malir

In every corner of Gulshan-e-Malir, you would find some mesmerizing and brilliant restaurants and bakery shops that also try their best to keep up with the hygienic standards. All of the restaurants and bakeries located in Gulshan-e-Malir are located here for your easy access.

Bakeries in Gulshan-e-Malir Karachi

There is a large number of bakeries in Gulshan-e-Malir in order to make them easily accessible by all of the residents. While some bakeries are the smaller ones that are in their initial stages and offer home-baked items, some are well-known and have many branches in the city or nationwide. Ambala sweets bakers and nimco. Ambala is one of the known for its wide range of sweets and the taste which is unbeatable in the town. It was a sweet shop initially but now they have expanded their business and now also offering cakes, pastries, cookies, and diversified bakes items. Besides Ambala, you would find Al-Rehman Bakery, Pak Bilal Bakers, A-1 Bakery, Rewari Sweets, Muslim Bakery, Ma Sha Allah Milk, and bakers, and other very famous bakeries which are located at the Jamia Millia Road, Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi.

Restaurants in Gulshan-e-Malir Karachi

Gulshan-e-Malir have solution for all of your cravings, that too in a wide range. For desi cuisine, you have Delhi Foods Restaurant on Begum Khursheed Road which is located at a distance of 3 KM from Gulshan-e-Malir. Another restaurant, Masala Darbar restaurant is near Baraf Khana, Begum Khursheed Road, opposite Mustafa Masjid, about 3 kilometers away from Gulshan-e-Malir.

Both of these restaurants provide famous local dishes that include Biryani, Karahi, or Haleem. You would also find Haji Ismaeel Sheermal House and party fast food, BBQ, Chinese, and ice cream parlors in a large number in Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi. These are available at the shortest walks away from the residents.

New Makkah Restaurant is on Muhammad Pakora Road which is 10 minutes’ drive away from Gulshan-e-Malir Karachi. in addition to this, another restaurant named as Gevini foods is on Mian National Highway, near Gosht Market, as far as 3 kilometers.

Allah Malik Bar B Q and fast food restaurant is in Shah Faisal Colony, Malir Halt that is 3 miles away. Hot and Cool Restaurant is on begum Khursheed Road which is at least a 10-minute drive from Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi. New Al-Makkah restaurant is located on Muhammad Pakora Wala Road which is 10 minutes drive away from Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi. You would also come across Gevini Food which is located on Main National Highway, Near Gosht Market, distanced 3 miles away from Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi.

Gyms and fitness centers in Gulshan-e-Malir Karachi

Here’s a look at the sports and fitness activities that are provided for the residents by Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi.

Friends gym is one of the famous Gym in the area and is highly appreciated by the residents. it is located at Kala Board Stop, National Highway that is 7-minutes’ drive away from Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi. Sehrish Beauty Salon is recommended by a large portion of the female sect of the society, that too is located at Al-Falah House, Malir Halt which is 4 to 6 minutes’ drive away from Gulshan-e-Malir. It is a neat and clean gym plus saloon, especially for ladies. It is well-equipped with the latest technology and electronic devices. 

Muscles Carvers Gymnasium is located in Radeh-e-Aam Society, almost 1 mile away from Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi. It is one of the modernist gyms for the area with every latest instrument that people needs with the separate power plant. You would also find Power Gym that is located at Malir 15 flyover which is 6 minutes’ drive away from Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi. Another known gym, Evolution Fitness Gym is located in Awan Town, Bagh-e-Ibrahim society that is 8 minutes’ drive away from Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi. A large number of people come here to fulfill their fitness needs.

J Z gym, which is located at Azeempura Road and is 7 minutes away from Gulshan-e-Malir is another very mesmerizing gym that allows you to done your fitness activities without any hindrance. Body Project is another gym with a complete range of modern gym equipment and also with a swimming pool facility, is also a very appreciated and recommended gym by the residents. This gym is located at Millat Garden Near Kala Board which is at the distance of 3 miles away from Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi.

Parks in Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi

Here is the list of the parks that are located at; or nearby Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi. Life is considered incomplete without some fun and parks help us in doing fun activities with our children or family members.

Spas and Saloons near and in Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi

There are a few spas and saloons located in or near Gulshan-e-Malir, to accommodate the residents. residents of Gulshan-e-Malir can get their sap and saloon jobs are done without traveling far away. The list of spas and saloon’s near or in Gulshan-e-Malir is available here so you can save your time from finding what you are looking for.

You would also find the beauty parlors for the male sect of the society

Properties in Gulshan-e-Malir Karachi

Due to the lower property prices, a large number of people adopt Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi, as their residential spot. You can find properties in a large number that too according to your financial plans. The following are the sales price trends of Gulshan-e-Malir.

Houses for sale in Gulshan-e-Malir Karachi

The beautifully designed houses are available to purchase in Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi. you can find these houses in a large number that fits your living space and financial plan. A 4.8 house for sale in Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi, is available for sale in a minimum amount of 40 to 95 lacs. Furthermore, if you are looking for a relatively larger house of the dimension of 6 marlas, it is not an issue at all. A 6 marla house for sale in Gulshan-e-Malir is available at as low as 60 lacs.

Plots for sale in Gulshan-e-Malir Karachi

There are a lot of plots are available for sale in Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi, at lower prices as compared to other areas of Karachi. The locality and the facilities being provided inside the Gulshan-e-Malir are impeccable. A 4.8 marla plot for sale in Gulshan-e-Malir Karachi, price around 25 lacs and goes up to 60 lacs. A 5.2 marla plot for sale in Gulshan-e-Malir price around 65 lacs, which is way less than the other residential areas of Karachi.

Flats for sale in Gulshan-e-Malir Karachi

A very wide range of flats is found in Gulshan-e-Malir, which are the most recommended flats in the area. These best and easily accessible residential solutions are known for their lower prices and exceptional living space. Several floored buildings allow you to choose the best flat that fits your family needs. If you have elderly family members who cannot take the staircase, you are suggested to choose the ground floor flats. On the other hand, if your family matches the requirements of upper floored flats you can go for the other flatting options too.

Rent prices in Gulshan-e-Malir Karachi

An independent 4.8 marla house for rent is available in the range of 25 thousand rupees. And the maximum rent you could be offered in Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi, is 38 thousand rupees. However, due to the growing population in the area, the rent prices will increase higher at a rapid pace. For those already living in the area, it would be great to start planning and eventually find a property in Gulshan-e-Malir Karachi that they can buy. There are a lot of houses for sale in Gulshan-e-Malir Karachi at different affordable prices. The rent differs on different parameters including size, location, number of rooms, and others.

Flats for rent in Gulshan-e-Malir Karachi

If you are looking for flats and apartments for rent in Gulshan-e-Malir Karachi, there are a number of options that you will come across. From studio to 3-bed apartments, this area has a lot to offer. The rent for flats start from as low as 15 thousand per month and go up to PKR 45 thousand per month.

Commercial properties in Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi

You can find a large number of commercial properties in Gulshan-e-Malir, Karachi. these properties have an accumulative value of around 3.95 crores for 14.8 marlas. There are plaza’s, shops, and other buildings where you can start your business and get a huge revenue in the shortest time duration.

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