Chairman Gohar Builders & Industries Graces Pakistan Real Estate Show

19 Jun 2020

Ummara Tariq, host of the Pakistan Real Estate Show where she invites the influential personalities of Pakistan Real Estate Industry and asks them the questions, we all want the answers of. In her latest show, she invited Mr. Muhammad Hanif Gohar who is the Chairman of Gohar Builders and Industries, former Vice President of FPCCI, and former chairman of ABAD.

He talked about the current situation and the future of the Real Estate Agency. He told about how he started from the very beginning and how he became a very prominent personality of the real estate industry. He said that Corona Virus has affected the industry in a few aspects and the condition of the industry and jobs in the country would not be elevated unless COVID10 comes to an end. Not just the construction industry, but every industry of the country is highly affected due to the long lockdown of 2 months and continuing. He also talked about how Imran khan played a major role in providing relief to the construction company and praised the concern of the government to keep the economic wheel rolling. 

“The construction industry is the second industry after agriculture which provides a large number of jobs to the unemployed sect of our society” – Muhammad Hanif Gohar.

Check out his complete interview here:


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