organizes ‘ilaan ghar’ at Liberty market, Lahore

May 31,2019
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(Lahore-May) held an iftar party followed by a game show and lucky draw at the famous liberty market of Lahore on the 31st of May. The game show was sponsored by whereas was the organizer of the event. It was the 1st episode of the event, ‘ilaan ghar’, and it was specifically organized for the labor class in the society. Owners of the property website,, and, Mian Ali and Mian Umar respectively were also present at this historic occasion. People from ilaan and Farosh’ marketing department were also present to provide facilitation at the event. The highlight of the event was the bumper prize of a ‘motorcycle’ that was given to the winner of a lucky draw that was held at the occasion. The crowd came out in huge numbers and loved every moment of the event. It was as if they had been given the ‘Eid Prizes’ even before the Eid. The giveaways included clothes, watches, electronic items, kitchen appliances and Eid Boxes for the underprivileged. People from all walks to life who were present left with something and were very cherished and happy.

“Underprivileged masses are an important pillar of our society and should not be neglected. The idea behind this iftar and Eidi distribution was to share joys with them so that they feel equally privileged”. Mian Umer, the CEO of, shared his views at this important event.
The event got great media coverage as well from both local and national TV Channels. Notable amongst the countless were Lahore Rang, Lahore News, CT42 in the local domain whereas notable National channels included NewsOne, Capital TV, Express News and 92 HD News.

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